LDI is a ministry of our Lord’s calling and work in and through Rev. Turgay Üçal, a Turkish citizen of Istanbul, Turkey.

   He founded and leads LDI, and pastors Istanbul Presbyterian Church. He has served as a leader in the community of Christ for more than 25 years.

     Volunteers for LDI serve along with him in this ministry striving to serve those who are seeking after Christ

Join us for a visit to Turkey

     LDI also serves the international body of Christ. Visit biblical sites like Ephesus, Colossae, Tarsus, and Galatia. Experience those, but also come and meet our Turkish neighbors, and engage the joys and challenges of Turkish followers of Christ in their lives of worship and service in their ‘new/old’ world setting. Join us for 4-6 days of LDI ‘workshop‘ in culture, on the ground in Turkey.

What will we be learning about?

• The Muslim community in Turkey
• The historic and present-day body of Christ in Turkey
• The Turkish historic and contemporary religious minorities
• The Turkish secular environment
• Eastern and Western similiarities and differences
• Dynamics and opportunities of serving in the region

     Experiencing life in a context different from our own encourages, equips and challenges us in our walk with the Messiah to reconsider some of our own assumptions about life, our own cultures, and God and his work, and grow in our own faith and practice.

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